About Us

Felt in Bloom is an Australian handmade head piece accessory and decor label, based in Country Victoria. Our style is inspired by nature with a hint of whimsical and glitz.

We pride our unique designs being made with the highest quality materials. Our 100% Merino wool felt is renowned for its soft and durable characteristics. Each item has been designed and created with intricate attention to detail as well as highlighting the importance of comfort and longevity.

Customers ask: 'What does Felt in Bloom, stand for?" Simply put, each element of every piece, has been carefully considered to ensure a life time of play, adventure and memorable milestones are created. Your child will feel a sense of freedom and magic while treasuring a moment in their childhood.

Our range boasts pieces suitable for newborn babies, kids and even adults with our decor range. Understanding that each child requires their own unique piece to not only suit their personality, but their features, enables me to personalize them and in doing so I feel a great sense of love is packaged up and sent for your little one and yourself to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting Felt in Bloom, we hope a little part of our family, joins yours today.

Kirsty x



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